Fire Resistant Battery Carrier

Our Firechier Fire Resistant Battery Carrier has been sdecitically designed to accommodate 2 x Robattery 71.01 (Robel E3 Range) batteries, making it a perfect match for those in the transportation and logistics industry who require the sate and secure transportation of these batteries. The carrier’s construction is robust and durable, specifically designed to withstand regular use, and provide the peace of mind.
Featuring a bright yellow exterior and multiple layers of high-performance thermal textiles, this carrier provides maximum visibility and protection against fire and heat damage. The inclusion of both Velcro and buckle closures ensures your batteries stay securely in place during transportation. The flame arrestors also provide added protection, containing potential flames while allowing the free escape of gases, preventing further damage.
Our Fire Resistant Battery Carrier also comes with a comfortable shoulder strap, allowing for easy and comfortable transportation of your batteries. With this product, you can transport your Robattery 71.01 batteries safely and effortlessly,
knowing they are protected.

Enables easy transportation of batteries with advanced fire safety features

• Designed to accommodate 2 x
Robattery 71.01 (Robel E3 Range)
• Robust construction for regular use
• Yellow exterior for maximum visibility
• Shoulder strap included
• Uses multiple layers of high performance thermal textiles
• Velcro and buckle closures
• Incorporates flame arrestors to contain flames while allowing free escape of gases

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